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Trek Travel Solvang Trip (Wednesday, March 28th)

March 28, 2012

There was no defined itinerary for today, which means it was basically an adventure day.  So, given the surroundings and my appreciation of wine, the plan for me was simple … wine tasting.  But this wasn’t a standard wine tasting day, it was a cycling kind of wine tasting day.  I ended up riding 50 miles with 2,460 feet of climbing (, which I don’t think is common for a day of wine tasting.  And I generally don’t go wine tasting on such a sweet high-end racing bike either.  My first stop was at Lafond Winery, which ended up being a private tasting because I was the only one in there.  Based on their recommendation, my next stop was Alma Rosa tasting room.  Alma Rosa uses organic grapes, which is a plus in my book.  Somehow pesticide-free wine seems to taste a little bit better.  I swung by the hotel for a quick sandwich that the Trek Travel guides left out for me, then it was off to Sunstone Vineyards.  Sunstone provided one of those experiences that makes me love wine tasting … good (organic) wine, and fun people on both sides of the bar.  The added flexibility I had from riding alone part of the day today left me time for a few more pictures, so I was able to take my time and capture a little bit of the scenery.

The traffic-free roads and spectacular scenery continue to make this a great riding experience.

  1. After a few days riding the Di2, what are your impressions? Is it crisper and easier than your SRAM.

    • The shifts with the Di2 are flawless, even under load. And the sound it makes when shifting into the big ring is fantastic. I think I’m going to make it into my ringtone. But my Red has always hit shifts as well, and is lighter and simpler. So, basically, I haven’t reached a verdict yet.

  2. Pam permalink

    Love the pic of the bike and barrel. 🙂

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