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Trek Travel Mallorca (March 9th, 2015)

March 9, 2015

Today I headed off to the Reads Hotel to start the trip with Trek Travel.  Since this is my fourth trip with Trek Travel, I’ve gotten used to fantastic experiences, which is why I keep going back.  And it looks like this trip is going to fulfill my expectations as well.  My initial “wow” experiences were my hotel room and my bike.  The bike is a Trek Emonda with electronic Ultegra derailleurs and Bontrager A3 carbon wheels.  Here are a couple of pictures of it on the small climbs that we did today.  I’m sure I’ll have some close ups later this week.


The hotel room is far bigger than I need, but it’s the balcony that really excites me.  Here’s the balcony view I have when lounging after a ride.


The ride today was short, basically a warm-up ride to make sure the bike fit was suitable and that we were happy with the bikes.  The ride included a couple of short climbs, and some nice views of the valleys below.


Best of all, there seems to be a good car/bike relationship here in Mallorca, which probably helps explain the huge riding culture here.  Despite the small streets, cars don’t get impatient, they just accept bikes as part of the culture of the island.

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