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Trek Travel Solvang Trip (Tuesday, March 27th)

March 27, 2012

I was looking forward to the climbing challenge of Mount Figueroa today, and it did not disappoint me.  Starting off at the hotel, the elevation is 400 feet above sea level.  The top of Mount Figueroa is 4,380 feet above sea level.  Yes, that’s a lot of climbing.  Steep climbing.  Many of the sections of the climb were over a 10% grade, so despite having slick electronic shifting, my lowest gear didn’t get any lower.  That meant a lot of standing, but it made for great stats for the day of riding (  In fact, with over 5,600 feet of total climbing for the day, it ranks right up there with many of my Boulder rides for total climbing.  That’s something to brag about.  Reaching the peak felt even more dramatic because there was still snow on the ground.

The Trek Travel guides, as usual, were great.  They had my descending jacket waiting for me at the top of the climb, and an energy gel, banana, and water refill to help me keep up on my nutrition.  As you can see from my riding gear, the weather was ideal.  It’s a great time of year to be riding these routes.

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