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Trek Travel Solvang Trip (Thursday, March 29th)

March 29, 2012

Today was yet another day of fantastic riding.  The weather was amazing, with the clouds not burning off until early afternoon, keeping the temps nice and cool for chugging up the hills.  The route was a little further than previous days (73 miles and over 5100 feet of climbing), so it made for a good endurance workout.  Here are the details …  I can tell that my legs are getting fatigued by all the riding this week, as the headwinds in the middle of the ride were a bit of a struggle.  Fortunately, the Trek Travel guide was quick to head to the front of the group and create a nice draft for us.  As with the rest of the week, the scenery added a nice touch to the ride.

Although I haven’t captured any pictures of all the animals I’ve seen along the way, it’s a decent list.  Deer, hawks, wild turkeys, miniature horses, alpacas, quail, goats, ostriches, and a vulture.  Oh, and there were cows and cattle wandering across the road yesterday too.  Although the wild turkeys have been my favorite, they are all better sightings than seeing cars.

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