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Travel to Mallorca (March 2015)

March 9, 2015

“Wahoo, one more night to party in Scottsdale” remarked the girls behind me in the SuperShuttle when I told them that my flight to Spain was cancelled and I had to fly out the next day instead. Apparently they didn’t realize I live in Scottsdale, so I was just going back to my house in the suburbs, not going out to party in Old Town. And they also didn’t seem to notice that I’m 45 years old and that riding a bike in Spain was higher on my priority list than partying. But I was glad they were planning on pumping some money into the local economy.

Fortunately, the flight the next day went much better and I finally arrived in Mallorca. And amazingly enough, so did my luggage! Despite the usual hassles of overseas travel (being jammed between two large men for the flight from New York to Madrid, no GPS connectivity to help find my hotel, and an 8 hour time change), it’s working out to be a great trip so far. I spent my first night in Palma, a smallish town on the ocean. The town has a nice feel to it, being large enough to offer a wide variety of restaurants and landmarks, but small enough to have friendly, helpful residents.  I had the afternoon to explore the town and enjoy an authentic Spanish dinner.  Somehow, paella just tastes better when enjoyed outside by the sea in Spain.

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  1. Pam Mayer permalink

    paella by the sea. sounds so nice. 🙂

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