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The La Jolla Adventure (June 2013)

June 17, 2013

“You know about stingrays, right?”  I was asked.

“What?” I remarked, caught off guard.

We were nearly a mile from our starting point in the La Jolla Cove, so I really didn’t want to be discussing stingrays.  It was my first open water swim in the ocean, and I was barely getting used to all the weird feelings that come with sharing the water with unfamiliar plants and animals.  Fortunately, as I was told, I only have to worry about stingrays when I’m close to shore.  They don’t like to get stepped on, so as long as I shuffle and don’t walk when I’m coming into shore, I’m fine.  No problem, that’s not something I’ll forget.

As a follow-up to the stingray warning, I was also told “Don’t worry about the sharks, they just hang out at the bottom and won’t bother us.”  That I actually already knew about because of my earlier research.  I’d read that sevengill sharks like to hang around the cove, and even saw some pictures and video of some recent sightings.  Nonetheless, it was eerie to get reminded of it when I was actually out there swimming.

But despite my uneasy introduction to true ocean swimming, it was sort of invigorating.  In fact, I went back a few days later for another swim.  And this time it was sans wetsuit.  Regulation open water swimming basically just allows googles, a swim cap, and a swim suit, so I figured I’d see what it felt like to swim in these conditions.  The mid-60 degree water was actually quite comfortable and the swim went well.  Except for the sea lion that swam about 10 feet away from me.  He kind of freaked me out at first until I realized what he was.  He didn’t really have any interest in me, but nonetheless, those are some big animals so I couldn’t help picking up my pace towards the shore.

Aside from my swimming adventures, my month in La Jolla is turning out to be just as I’d hoped it would be.  The temperature stays between the low 60s to low 70s, and has never left that range in the two weeks I’ve been here.  Rain = n/a, although it can remain cloudy/foggy for much of the day sometimes, which is fine with me.  The convenience of my neighborhood is amazing.  It’s less than a mile to the beach (mellow, non-crowded beach), countless restaurants, a couple of grocery stores, and a great 50m lap pool with coached workouts twice a day.  There’s been no need for a car at all.  It’s urban living at its best.

Despite having to work a traditional work schedule, it’s still been a fantastic stay so far.  My nightly routine after dinner is to go to the beach to read and watch the sunset.  Here are a couple decent sunsets that I’ve seen.

IMG_2557 IMG_2551

I have a couple of weeks left in La Jolla, so hopefully I’ll come up with some more pictures as well as more adventures to share.


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  1. The things that lurk beneath probably inspire some extra buoyancy, even without a wetsuit. Keep up the courtships with danger; it makes for good reading. How about diving down as far as you can next time you’re out there? But don’t get eaten — you need to be able to write about it afterward.

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