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Chiricahua Mountains (November 2012)

January 9, 2013

Since my writings were getting slanted all towards racing and featuring little about travel, it was clearly time to catch up and add an overdue post about my Thanksgiving trip to southern Arizona.  Sure, traveling within one’s own state doesn’t sound that exotic, but the Chiricahua Mountains are a surprising find in what is basically open desert.  Also, when the other travel options include dealing with crowded airports, it was quite appealing to just hop in the Prius with no set schedule and explore a place I hadn’t been.

Part of the key to the trip was staying at the Sunglow Ranch.  I had heard good things about the property, but it managed to exceed my expectations.  Perhaps it’s due to my active lifestyle, genetics, or it’s just a common thing among most people, but I really like to eat.  By serving organic food from local farms for breakfast and dinner, I was easily won over by the accommodations.  Throw in some great seating areas in serene settings, and even a small pond with a canoe, and the whole Sunglow Ranch experience was fantastic.  Here are some pictures of the property.

IMG_2211 IMG_2203 IMG_2201 IMG_2198 IMG_2197 IMG_2190 IMG_2189IMG_2288

While relaxing at the ranch was nice, the real reason for the trip was to do some hiking, so it was great to be located only a short drive from the park entrance. Being in southern Arizona, the Chiricahua National Monument is somewhat remote, but that makes for some fantastic hiking and scenery (the rock formations are similar to that of Bryce Canyon in Utah, but without the red tint).  And best of all, being remote meant no crowds, so hiking was peaceful and uninterrupted.

Sometimes it’s hard to catch the whole effect of the scenery in a picture, but here are some shots from the hike.

IMG_2280 IMG_2266 IMG_2255 IMG_2223 IMG_2166 IMG_2142

So that was my Thanksgiving trip, a trip worth repeating.


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