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Tempe International Triathlon (May 13, 2012)

May 13, 2012

As the weather begins to heat up in Arizona, the local spring racing season comes to an end.  Tempe International Triathlon is basically the last race of the spring, so I’ve entered it the past three years.  I’m not quite sure what makes this triathlon “international” because it’s mostly people from Phoenix and surrounding areas.  I guess it’s more about the distance of the race than the diversity of people.  Having done three other races on essentially the same course, I could measure my fitness level based on my results this year.  I’ve had a nice trend of getting faster every year, so my goal this year was to improve on my last three races.

I was in the second wave for the swim start, so that made for fairly calm waters and not too many people to weave through in the waves ahead of me.  I had a strong start and managed to get ahead of the pack by the first turn.  By the second buoy, there was only one person ahead of me, so it was looking like a good day in the water.  I had the second fastest swim time out of 301 people, so it was a solid swim.

The bike course was pretty uneventful for me, although I always wish for a bit more speed.  Nonetheless, even though I was near my pain limit throughout the bike course, it was still kind of fun to just be zooming along as fast as I can on a bike.  As a kid, it was always fun to play on my bike, and I guess that hasn’t changed, except now I’m on a much nicer bike.

The thing about a sprint distance triathlon is that just because it’s short, it doesn’t mean it’s easy.  A good performance basically requires maximum effort the whole time.  So although the run was only a 5k, I knew it was going to be intense, and it was.  Looking back at it, I can always question if I could have gone a little harder, but then I remember the feeling that I had during the run, and I’m fairly certain the answer is no, I could not have gone any harder.

Coming across the line, I saw my time of 1:06:02, which is 1:35 faster than last year and my best time ever for this race.  I finished 10th overall and 2nd out of 36 in my age group (, so it was a successful race for me.  At 42 years old, I figure I can’t keep up this trend of annual improvement for too many more years, but it’s fun to see how long I can keep the trend going.


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