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Sedona Riding (April 28, 2012)

April 30, 2012

I didn’t have any races planned for the weekend, so I decided on a mountain bike adventure as a weekend treat.  Prescott is probably the best place for a nearby fat tire adventure, but with 1,750 riders converging on the town for the Whiskey Off Road weekend, I figured I’d better pick an alternate destination.  I haven’t ridden in Sedona in quite a few years, so it was a good alternative.  Even if the trails didn’t fulfill my expectations, there’s usually some pretty good photo opportunities.

Coming from Scottsdale, one of the first parking areas that I hit is by Bell Rock.  I got there early enough to avoid the swarm of tourists, and began my adventure.  Mountain biking on new trails is always a bit of a gamble because there’s not really a good way to tell what the trails are going to be like.  I could waste the day on terrible trails, or find some great hidden gems.  The problem with just reading reviews is that my idea of a great trail may be different from that of other cyclists.  In mountain biking, my goal is to stay on the bike as much as possible, while still being challenged and entertained.  Staying on the bike means not flipping over the handlebars and not getting off the bike to hike up a rough section, prioritized in that order.  As I worked my way around the Templeton trail, I was getting the scenic, twisty singletrack that I wanted, but was finding a few too many technical rocky sections, so the search continued for just the right trail.  Based on a recommendation from another rider I met up with on the trail, I headed to a section of new trails.  As I started rolling on the slim shady trail and its connectors, I found exactly what I wanted.  Fairly smooth red clay, twisty, shady, and desolate trails.  After a half hour of searching around on the good-but-not-great trails, I was rewarded with an hour and a half of some sweet singletrack (  That’s what makes this sort of adventure worth it.  Here are a couple of pictures of the trails.

An adventure isn’t really an adventure without a stop for food, so I planned to have lunch at a quaint vegan restaurant on the western edge of town.  With my hunger growing, I pulled into the lot, and realized that I was in need of an alternative plan.  My quaint vegan restaurant was now a boring pizza joint.  Fortunately, I found another vegan restaurant just down the street that ended up being an even better choice because they specialized in chocolate (  Sure, they served a fantastic lunch too, but it was the honey-sweetened chocolate treats that I had for dessert that really highlighted the lunch.

Filled with a healthy lunch, I was ready for more exploration.  Fortunately, the trend continued and the trails just kept getting better and better as the day went on.  The afternoon riding showed me the best trails of the day, so I rode for another hour before I started to get tired and decide I’d had enough riding for the day.  Here’s a look at the afternoon route …

Here are a few more pictures from my successful adventure.  If you look closely, you can almost see my bike smiling.  It appreciates a good day on the trails as much as I do.


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  1. ewwwww, like your bike has like reddish stuff all over it…..

  2. And what’s it doing to that rock? That is one happy bike, alright.

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