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Spring Splash & Dash Race #2 (April 22, 2012)

April 22, 2012

I always look forward to the Splash & Dash races because they have a nice, casual race atmosphere, and also because they don’t have a cycling leg, my slowest of the three triathlon disciplines.  Another plus to today’s race is that it falls on Sunday morning, on a weekend that I don’t have any other races.  That means I don’t have to worry about holding back to save myself for another race, I can just go as hard as my body lets me.  I’m not sure being able to go all out is a reason to celebrate, because it’s really painful, but it makes for a better result.

I either placed myself well for the swim start, or went out hard enough to get away from the crowd, but I felt I had plenty of room to maneuver on my way to the first buoy.  I rounded the second buoy while still feeling good, and was greeted by the bright sunshine that helped make it such a beautiful morning.  Since the race started at 7:30 am, the sun was still low in the sky, so sighting the next buoy was going to be a challenge.  The bad news was that there were a few swimmers in front of me, but the good news is that I could sight off them to get me to the next buoy.  That plan worked well for the first lap, but I had to look up a lot more on the second lap, as I wasn’t quite as close to the leaders anymore.  I still managed to swim the 2000m in 30:20, which is one of my better times for this distance in open water.

Like most competitors, I try and make every second count, so taking the time to put on socks for the run portion of the race is a time-wasting luxury.  It’s much faster to run with no socks.  But to pull this off, it helps to have the right running shoes.  I don’t.  My racing shoes are wonderful shoes for running with socks, but they have some stitching that grinds away on my feet when I don’t use socks.  I still had some decent blisters from my race last week, so I was hoping the advice I got from fellow triathletes would work … super glue.  I applied a nice layer of glue over my blisters last night, optimistic that the glue would hold up to half an hour in the water.  Fortunately, it did, and I ran the 5k blister-free.  That’s not to say the 5k was pain free, because properly pushing yourself in a 5k is supposed to hurt, or you’re not doing it right.  It’s hard to say how successful my 5k was because the posted times include the time in transition, which involves taking off a wetsuit and putting on sneakers and a race belt.

Apparently my 5k was successful enough because I ended up taking 5th (  The best part of these results is that the four guys who beat me are all pros or former pros.  For me, that’s a really successful day.


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  1. The next finisher in your age group was three minutes slower. Three minutes. That’s plenty of time to put on socks, if you ask me.

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