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Spring Splash & Dash Race #1 (April 12, 2012)

April 13, 2012

One of my challenges in becoming a faster swimmer/biker/runner is dealing with my travel schedule for work.  Running while being out of town is usually fairly easy, but cycling and swimming are a lot more challenging.  Today, my travel schedule was going to directly affect my racing plans because my plane was scheduled to land at 4:46 pm and the Splash & Dash started at 6 pm.  As most people know, getting through airports quickly is challenging, so I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled into the race parking lot with a comfortable time cushion.  After a quick change into my tri suit (while hidden in my car), I made my way to registration, got marked up with my race number and age, and I was ready to go.  Having been in Denver all week, I was hoping to have a little bit of altitude performance advantage.  Somehow, it felt like the opposite was true.  During the swim, I never felt like I could get enough air in.  I had a good start to get ahead of most of my swimming wave, but had to weave my way through the previous swim waves, which I found more difficult than usual.  I ended up posting a decent swim time, but I felt I could have done better had my breathing gone better.  I’m doing an olympic distance triathlon on Sunday, so I didn’t push too hard on the run, which lost me a couple of places, but will hopefully be the best plan for Sunday.  I ended up taking 9th (, so I’d say it was a successful race being that I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it in time.


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