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Arizona Open Water Swim (April 7, 2012)

April 13, 2012

Open water swim races are fairly rare, and are another favorite of mine, so I didn’t want to miss this race.  But there was the Cave Creek Trail Race on the same day, which I also enjoy.  So the obvious solution was to do both of them.  I figured it was a good experiment to see what my body could handle.  There were a few distances to pick from, but having already raced in the morning, I opted for the 2000 meter distance.  Tempe Town Lake isn’t known as being the cleanest of swimming venues, but I’ve never found it to be bad at all.  In fact, it was quite refreshing warming up with smooth, swimming strokes after all the pounding from running in the morning.  I certainly hadn’t recovered from my morning race, but I felt surprisingly good gliding through the water.  I had a solid start and got ahead of most of the main pack, which is a huge benefit in open water swimming.  Now I could glide along in peace without getting bumped or kicked.  For the most part, anyway.  After my strong effort at the start, the race went smoothly, and I basically held my position throughout the race.  Last year, my times were usually around 32 or 33 minutes for a 2000 meter open water swim, so I was glad to finish this one in 30:43 (  Of course, it’s always hard to tell if my time was better because the course was a bit short, or if those master swim practices that I’ve been going to are really paying off.  It feels much better to think I’m getting faster, so I’ll go with that.  And I was especially pleased that I had the endurance to do two races in one day, but I’m sure I’ll be moving slowly tomorrow.


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