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Trek Travel Solvang Trip (Sunday, March 25th)

March 25, 2012

As I landed in Santa Barbara, I was greeted with partly sunny skies and a cool ocean breeze.  It looked like the perfect day for riding.  See how pleasant the weather looked at the airport.

By the time we got to Solvang and got the bikes set up, the rain that I thought I had dodged finally rolled in. The ride today was a simple 15 miler around the Tour of California Time Trial Course.  It was a beautiful ride, but the beauty was dampened by the fairly steady rain.  I knew I was riding some pretty cool equipment, but I couldn’t fully appreciated it given the weather.  The buttons for my electronic shifting were a bit tricky to find with my full gloves, and my Garmin Edge 800 was hard to master in the rain as well.  Somehow, it was still a cool experience, and with clear weather ahead, I expect to give a more exciting report tomorrow.

  1. Nice touch with the Garmin data! Can you grab a screen cap of the map on the Garmin page and put it in your post so we can see the route easily?

  2. I mean, for those of us with that funky Apple stuff that doesn’t DO Flash….

  3. No problem, I’ll add it to my future reports, once I figure out how to save the image.

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